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Uniting the six native Japanese dog breeds. Kendu is the keeper of peace, the preserver of life, and the protector of unity. Witness the rise of the next billion dollar meme ecosystem. Will you join the pack?


From the past.
A Master Returns.

The master Kendu Miazaki recalls memories of bygone days, when communities flourished through the bonds of battle. Miazaki, who grew his fortunes with Shiba Inu, had seen the rise of a different era — a time when a project's success thrived on camaraderie and shared passion. His heart yearned to fight alongside his brothers-in-arms again and build a lasting legacy. With resolve, he emerged from his retreat to channel the spirit of past bullruns through Kendu Inu, the uniter of six native Japanese dog breeds.

Armed with an unshakeable vision, he ventured out once again into the surging markets of 2024, where souls are jaded and jeets run rampant. Undeterred, Kendu planted seeds of camaraderie, fostering organic bonds and laying the groundwork for explosive growth. With his acerbic wit and martini in hand, he inspires his army of loyalists daily to sculpt a haven where hard work births prosperity, while striking fear in the hearts of jeets. Witness the epic rise of Kendu Inu, the next billion dollar meme ecosystem.

"We don't gamble. We work."
- Kendu Miazaki

Building The
Kendu Ecosystem

We are taking $KENDU to billions, and the KENDU ecosystem is strategically designed to to do this. Want the latest alpha? Tune in to our daily AMAs and Spaces. You have never seen a community like ours.

"I know I say a lot of times that meme coins have this and that. But trust me, there's serious alpha on $KENDU, with major communities backing it and big whales involved."

Jungle John @Apetopia, Influencer

"I am in $KENDU, I know about them. I saw Shytoshi following them when they were only at 600 people, so I am following $KENDU too."

Zach Humphries @Z_Humphries, Media Personality

"I just discovered an amazing gem $KENDU and it looks promising! I heard it's got ties to Shiba Inu. Feeling really optimistic about this one, chart is ready to moon. Don’t sleep on it!"

Emily's Universe @Crypto_emily, Influencer

"A few new gems on ETH.... $KENDU"

Crypto Messiah @1goonrich, Shib OG

"I am fully supporting $KENDU and planning to for the long term. The dev and community he has built in just 2 weeks is seriously impressive!"

Julez Cali @cali_julz, Shuggi Dev